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December’s #MBC BOM features E.CON the ICON by Eddie Connor @EddieConnorJr


Eddie Connor was born in Southfield, Michigan but grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. The British Education that Eddie received, during his formative years in Jamaica, can be attributed to his thirst for knowledge. As a product of a divorced family, Eddie realizes that he was not born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth, but was raised by a strong mother, who instilled in him life long values and the importance of governing himself as a positive individual.

Eddie Connor preached his first message, after being diagnosed with cancer, at the age of fifteen in Kingston, Jamaica proclaiming from Psalm 118:17, “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.” Eddie affirms that he was “Destined to Overcome the Odds.” Eddie Connor is declaring the works of the Lord. The healing power of God has touched this young man’s life, as he has miraculously been healed from cancer. CLICK to read more about Eddie.

E.CON the ICON is an insightful and candid commentary. Eddie provides literary detail, through vivid riffs and rhymes, as he perceptively muses on issues, from Pop Culture to President Barack Obama. Isn’t it ironic that everything regarded as iconic, is really not iconic? Take a journey with Eddie Connor, in his most controversial declaration yet. E.CON the ICON, redefines what it means to be an icon.

You can buy the book HERE!ECON

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#MBC November feature Monica Marie Jones

We hope you’re enjoying or have enjoyed Monica Marie Jones’ Monday Morning Motivation. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read it, just click on the book title above and order from her website.

In the meantime, get ready for December’s BOM E.CON the ICON: from Pop Culture to President Barack Obama by none other than Eddie Connor. CLICK for more details!!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Have a safe and happy turkey day!

From the Motown Book Club

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[video] An Interview w/@MonicaMJones by Kai Mann @kaiology #motownlit #motownbookclub

Back in August, Kai Mann had the pleasure of interviewing Monica Marie Jones, who is the author of SWAG, FLOSS, THE UPS AND DOWNS OF BEING ROUND, SWEET SOLILOQUY and her latest MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION. She’s also November’s Motown Book Club feature. Check out the video below.

Monday Morning Motivation: Inspirational Messages That Motivate You To Start Your Week Off Right

by Monica Marie Jones by Literary Loft, The

List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $9.99

Buy Now

Monday Morning Motivation

by Monica Marie Jones by The Literary Loft
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2011-10-08

List Price: $3.99
For more information about Monica Marie Jones
go to her website at: and also find out more about her new venture, The Literary Loft, go to:
If you’d like to have your book featured,
please contact Phette Ogburn or click the button below
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Meet National Bestselling Author Vincent Alexandria @raychone at #mwn Mix & Mingle 10/15/11

Vincent Alexandria is a nationally published author, who resides in Houston, Texas and was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also an actor, producer, director, composer, lyricist, screenwriter, vocalist, and musician. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rockhurst College and a Masters degree in literature from Baker University.

He has completed four award winning murder detective mystery novels and has signed national book contracts with BET/Harlequin-Kimani Press for the titles; “Black Rain,” “Black Heat,” “Black Vice,” “If Walls Could Talk,” “Postal Blues,” and “Ain’t Nothing Like Loving an Ugly Woman,” and “Love Don’t Come Easy,” with Parker Publishing. His novels, “If Walls Could Talk” & “Black Rain,” are in negotiations for movie options.

Read more about his amazing accomplishments –> HERE!

If you haven’t done so already, please REGISTER for this event, for an opportunity to meet Vincent, as well as, other great authors.

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Thanks to everyone who attended the #bookchat w/Ramona Prater #mwn #mbc #eomlit

If you weren’t at the book chat this past weekend, you missed an entertaining, as well as an enlightening, time with the author of IN THE PINK –Ramona Prater. She shared anecdotes and expressed her reasons why it’s imperative for women to be and act like a lady at all times.

IN THE PINK is an easy read and can be purchased –> HERE!

Though there will not be any authors featured for the months of October and November, you can still participate in the Motown Book Club Mix & Mingle Oct. 15th and the Essence of Motown Literary Jam & Conference Nov. 11-12th.

See you there!!

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Book Chat w/Ramona Prater, Sept. 24th

Join us as we chat with author of IN THE PINK, Ramona Prater, today at 1pm.

Virgil Carr Center
311 E. Grand River, Detroit

Hope to see you there!

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IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU – Series of short stories by Phette Ogburn @phephi

The first installment in the It Can Happen To You series features the three short stories: S & M: Sexts & Messaging, The ID and Organized Karma. Come follow Sabra, Nya and LaTrease on their journeys as they cope with issues of loneliness, lust, sex, betrayal, deceit and love.




@phephi Michigan
Author of IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU-series of short stories wife, mother, blogger, dreamer/
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September Book Club Feature: In The Pink by Ramona Prater


Radio Personality Ramona Prater hosts Talk/Magazine Show on WCHB AM 1200 from 4pm- 6pm Monday through Friday. Ramona has been a women’s advocate on the radio for many years helping to inform, encourage, and educate the public on issues women and families face every day.

Ramona’s provocative show called The F Club – “The Fab life of Forties, Fifties and Forever”. The show specifically caters to women in the Reinvention Phase of their lives. It will address Lifestyle issues like, Flirt – love, Fit – the weight war, Fashion – what to wear, Family-raising children and Finance – making money. The show is always entertaining, thought provoking and very informative!

In The Pink

Are you a single woman who is attractive, smart and funny? Do your friends tell you that you are a great person? But what you can’t seem to understand is, if you are THAT great, then why haven’t been out on a date in months?

Perhaps you are across the relationship aisle. Maybe you are married and have been for some time. But lately, you have been questioning your decision to be with THIS man. Why is there anger, even hostility, between the two of you? Just a few short years earlier, you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Now your sexlife is virtually non-existent and you are at a lost on how to get things back to how they used oto be.

If either of these situations sound familiar, you have the right book in your hands. Don’t take forever to realize you have the power to bring about the change that you are looking for.

In The Pink: A Woman’s Guide to Being a Girl might deceive you into thinking that the word “girl” is synonymous with “immature and underdeveloped”. Truth is, nothing could be further from the truth. It takes a real woman to act upon the concepts outlined in this book.

Snuggle up and get the real truth about getting and keeping a man, Pink Style!

Find out more about Ramona and purchase the book


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Book Chat

Thanks to everyone who attended the book chat Saturday, August 20th with Monique D. Mensah. There’s just one more day left to finish reading Smoke Screen before we move on to our September MBC feature: In The Pink by Ramona Prater.

Stay tuned!!

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Customer Reviews for Smoke Screen by Monique D. Mensah

See what folks are saying about Monique D. Mensah’s 3rd book, Smoke Screen.

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Amazing!! A must read!!, June 8, 2011
By Chellei

This review is from: Smoke Screen (Malignant Mind Series, Vol. 3) (Kindle Edition)
THis new author did not disappoint us with her 3rd novel! THis book is well written, giving us perfect details and leaving us in suspense at the same time. Monique did an awesome job developing the characters and giving us the feeling as if we were actually there inside the novel. “smoke screen” is a must read novel and full of drama and suspense. THis book will having you hanging on until the VERY end, and if you arent a Fan of MOnique D. Mensah you will surely be one after reading her novels! It is tasteful, yet gives us that rounchy edge of real life details that we love.

This book is a continuation of “Who is He to you”.. I recommend you reading that book first. You wont be disappointed. It left me speechless, literally with my mouth open. I read the book in 2 days.

I love her as an author and I am excited for her next release!

DO yourself a favor and buy ALL of her books!! you won’t regret it!! I recommend Reading in this order:

“Who is He to You?”
“Inside Rain”
“Smoke Screen”

Monique is my New favorite author!

Find More Reviews Here…

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Let’s have a convo about Smoke Screen

Alright, so what do you guys think of Smoke Screen? Isn’t Lauren a trip? What about Simone? Better yet, Ryan? Who’s your fave character?

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Book chat w/Monique D. Mensah coming Saturday, August 20th @1pm

Come join us as we discuss Smoke Screen by Monique D. Mensah at:

The Virgil Carr Center
311 E. Grand River
Detroit, MI 48226

Everyone is welcome!!

See you there.

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Excerpt for Smoke Screen by Monique D. Mensah

Smoke Screen

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August Book Club Feature: Smoke Screen by Monique D. Mensah

Native Detroiter, Monique D. Mensah, is a two-time award winning novelist with an innate love for the written word. Monique’s talent for writing was first discovered by her third grade teacher, who regularly asked the young student to share her short stories with the class and sometimes the principal and other school administration during assemblies and PTO meetings. At that time, she declared her dream to become a published author, as she believed it to be her purpose. She continued to receive praise for her writing throughout middle and high school. More Bio


    Lauren, Ryan, and Simone meet again after the tragedy that brought them all together ten years ago. A serial killer is on the loose in Detroit, murdering men and leaving her mark, and each of these women has a motive to kill. Simone, a sexual abuse survivor and advocate for young girls, has begun to heal her wounds over the past ten years, but she is still trying to reclaim her life. Her mother, Jessica, thinks it’s unhealthy for Simone to immerse herself into a world of pain and jaded love when she has yet to fully heal herself. A new, unexpected love interest only complicates things further. Ryan is willing to do whatever it takes to become a mother, even if it means betrayal. With her biological clock screaming and a shameful ten-year secret bubbling to the surface, Ryan is determined to get what she wants, but she may lose her husband—and her mind—in the process. Lauren, one of Detroit’s most prominent defense attorneys, redefines justice and seeks a way out of the career that has left her feeling trapped and torn. She can’t set her moral standards aside for a $400,000 salary, winning acquittal after acquittal for the demonstratively guilty. But how far will she go to rid Detroit of its criminal filth?

As Lauren, Ryan, and Simone’s lives collide yet again, forcing them to deal with the tragedies of their pasts, the three women regretfully learn that no one is safe behind the thin shield of a Smoke Screen.

Smoke Screen
Available on Amazon

Monique’s Website

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