Michigan Literary Network Author Spotlight: JReal of DRAW

Book Title: DRAW

ISBN# 978-0615377414

Author Name: JREAL

Author’s Website Realinkpublishing.com

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Author, JRealTerrell (A.K.A) Pharaoh a well known drug lord who runs the streets of Yonkers New York, is facing problems everywhere he turns. With people out to kill him and the police hot on his tracks Pharaoh’s empire is soon to crumble. After reportedly being dead, he leaves behind his protégé and younger brother (Serious) who tries to cope with the mysterious death of his brother, holding down the family, and the temptation of the streets. Strapped with anger and greed young Serious is ready to lay law to all who opposes his movement and seek revenge on those who were linked to his brother’s death. With his child hood sweetheart ( Laura) a well educated diva assisting his campaign serious quickly builds his own empire while taking no shorts. With all the power and respect in the palm of his hands, Serious quickly learns that his life in the fast lane comes with consequences he never expected. The harsh reality of the streets and the cardinal rule of draw first ask questions last.

Draw is a book about how crime led life can start from the infection of one individual and ripple through a family to a community and through a city take a journey into this cinematic street epic.

Genre of Book: Street Urban Fiction

How do you come up with your characters? I try to develope my chracters by taping into my own life experieneces and interactions and use my vivid imagination to make relatable personalites for readers.

When and how do you write? I write mostly in the evening and at night and when I travel. I mostly do all my writing on paper folded in half like book pages.

What other authors inspire you? I got some of my inspiration from authors like Relentless Aron, Sister Souja and Donald Goines.

How long does it take you to write a novel? I just finished up Draw 2 in like 5 months and A Hard Price To Pay in like 6 with breaks so I would say 3 months if I werent to stop.

How do you over come writers block? Normaly taking a road trip out of town helps clears my mind and put me in a good creative space to write.

How long have you been writing and how did you get started? I’ve been writing for a little over 6 years. I just started writing reading other novels which inspired me to tell my own storys.

How does your backround influence your books? Growing up in a urban setting were alot of crimanal activity took place and having the passion to express that perspective through words, gives me the opportunity to touch on real life situations and depict the harsh realites of project life and relationships in my books.

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Authors Contact Info: myspace.com/jrealpublishing




Wholesale Info 313-282-1377

Purchase Your copy by clicking the book cover or at Amazon.com

Coming Soon: Chapter excerpt!

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