Social Media For Authors Workshop Notes July 9th

For those that made it, thanks so much. For those that didn’t make it, you should definitely attend the next one.

RSVP now  for the next meetup at:

Now that I have a book, what do I do next on the Internet? How do I do it? And what will I pay with since I’ve used all my money on publishing my book?

From the previous post, I had resources to get everyone started:

Check out Social Media Platforms Authors and Writers Should Explore

The following is a quick list of things authors can do to help them with promotion. In this day and age, authors must have an ebook and a blog in order to even consider social media. With a quick way to do videos, take pictures and audios (podcast), you can be on your way to social media stardom.

Things Authors Must Haves

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Email List
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Subscription to Motown Writers Network

Places to Promote Books on the Internet

Article Directory

Top 21 Best Article Directories







Tips i didn’t add to the resource sheet for download is :

Set up on an Author’s Page | click here to see how

Sell books directly on website | See how I’ve set up my bookstore

Synergize with other authors (collaborate)

Don’t forget special days (See Chase’s Calendar of Events)

Keep track of stats on your website

Save time and use sites like, hootsuite or tweetdeck (multi-social network platforms)

Please attend upcoming offline events because networking online is just as important as networking online.


If you have your own tips and tricks for beginning social media for authors, please leave your comments in the email. Please don’t forget to connect with us all over!

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One thought on “Social Media For Authors Workshop Notes July 9th

  1. Here are more links for writers and authors:

    45 Ways to Blog as a Novelist

    Twitter Tutorial


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