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1.  Guest:    Arnold Hannon

Guest summary:  Arnold Hannon, aka “The Romance Master” is the author of three books, his latest book is Alexander Maxamander.


Arnold Hannon bio:

Arnold Hannon, was born in Detroit, Michigan, to fifteen-year-old, unmarried, Bennie Mae Hannon, on December 15, 1948. Arnold, is the eldest of three sons, born to Bennie Mae.Arnold, attended Detroit pubic schools, and received a G.E.D. soon after dropping out of Northern High School. He went on to earn his associate degree in psychology, from Wayne County Community College, in 1988. He earned his bachelors of arts degree in Communications, from the University of Detroit, in 1990.

Before Arnold’s undergraduate education began, he earned his masters degree in streetology, from the school of hard knocks. Same school that Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines attended.

From these experiences, he wrote the American Scheme. It took him a half century to live it, and three years to write his remarkable journey through life in a very tough city called Detroit, Michigan.

In 2010, he finished Sketches of Murder, a definitive guide to fifty years of tragedy in Detroit.

Arnold’s other books are Sketches of Murder: 50 Years of Murder in the Motor City and The American Scheme: The Cold-Blooded Naked Truth.

About the book, Alexander Maxamander:

When was the last time you shed a tear for a billionaire? Wesley Wellborn’s alter-ego, Alexander Maxamander, will leave readers grieving over the young billionaire’s plight in life.

You won’t view Internet dating the same after reading this poignant and touching love story steeped in timeless charm. Ladies you can now exhale. Once you meet Alexander Maxamander: The Cyber Seducer, you won’t forget him!

CONTACT INFORMATION: http://arnoldhannon.com


2.  Guest:    Michael Madigan

Guest bio: Michael Madigan is a Community Relations specialist for Oakwood Healthcare System, moderator of the Oakwood Creative Writing program, leader of the Common Expressions writing workshops at Oakwood Common, and coordinator of the Oakwood Speakers Bureau.  On weekends he teaches screenwriting to children.  He wrote the 2006 feature film Perception: The Letter.  He has written or co-written screenplays and designed productions for short films including The Bigger They Are, Freedom and Privacy, Game Face, Glimpses of the Moon and It’s A Jingle Out There.  He has completed the novels Illusion of Light (2000) and Drowner’s Bliss (2007), and is at work on a third, Each Thing that in Season Grows.  He has written collections of short stories and homilies, and Oakwood’s faith-based health education series, Stewardship of Health.  His stories and poetry have been published in Oakwood’s annual creative writing retrospective, Poetic Resonance Imaging (2008-11), and the fantasy art journal, Graphic Stories (2010).  He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer, cook, and pruner of trees and shrubbery.


Oakwood Healthcare, Inc., a nonprofit based in Dearborn, Michigan, is a major provider of health care to the people of southeast Michigan.  The Oakwood system comprises four general hospitals and numerous urgent and outpatient care centers, family and specialty practices.  Oakwood has about 10,000 employees and 1,300 physicians.

Oakwood Creative Writing is a personal development program for Oakwood employees, physicians, family members, patients, and all other residents of southeast Michigan.

Creative Writing’s workshop series and its events and publications promote personal growth and a healthy life through the active use and full rounding of participants’ creative and intellectual gifts.  Its encouragement of meritorious, print-worthy poetry, short fiction and memoir affords amateur writers recognition and advances their professional and artistic associations.

Oakwood believes the opportunity for free creative expression by staff and patients contributes to a vital, receptive healthcare environment.  More generally, Creative Writing workshops offer structure, vigorous artistic exercise, professional discipline, and an environment of mutual growth and support that can benefit any person with a love for writing, and therefore are open to everyone in the community.

Regular after-work Creative Writing workshops began in 2004 as an employee enrichment project of Oakwood Community Outreach and were initially led by the distinguished poet and musician M.L. Liebler.  A number of published authors and literary mentors are now active in the program as instructors, including Joy Gaines Friedler, Lynne (Schreiber) Golodner, Ann Holdreith, Cheri L.R. Taylor, and Creative Writing moderator Michael Madigan.  About half of the current participants work in or are retired from occupations other than health care.

Since 2006 Oakwood Creative Writing has published Poetic Resonance Imaging, an annual “best of” journal of short works by participants in its writing programs.  The program also has presented and exhibited its writers’ work to the public through live readings and combined shows with visual and performing artists, including its summer open mics and Graphic Stories, a collection of fantasy with local comic book artists.

In 2010 Oakwood began offering an additional, regular daytime program, “Common Expressions,” at Dearborn’s Oakwood Common Retirement Community.

Oakwood Creative Writing is presented in collaboration with Springfed Arts/Metro Detroit Writers and is funded by the Oakwood Foundation.


Oakwood Creative Writing will present its second summer “A Journal in Real Time,” a free Open Mic and Reception for all writers experienced or interested in the Oakwood Creative Writing program.

All who love to write are invited to “A Journal in Real Time,” to gather with friends and take the mic to give a taste of your latest poetry, short fiction or music.  The first Open Mic in July was thrilling, gratifying and well attended.

Oakwood Creative Writing presents “A Journal in Real Time”

  • Thursday, August 11, 2011
  • 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  • In the Learning Center at the Oakwood Family Center, 18501 Rotunda Drive (west of Southfield Freeway M-39), Dearborn MI
  • Mic opens to readers at 6 p.m. sharp
  • Please limit reading or performance to 5 minutes or less (we reserve the option of changing this limit based on attendance)
  • Food, refreshments and music
  • Free
  • Writers 15 and older, please

Our regular second-Thursday workshops will resume in September.

CONTACT INFORMATION : michaelmadigan@ oakwood.org | 3135864902


Listen to my new episode Michigan Literary Network w/ @ArnoldHannon & Michael Madigan at http://tobtr.com/s/2057627. #BlogTalkRadio

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