An Author w/Purpose & Passion. Versandra Kennebrew, Spotlight!

In August at our Meet and Greet we featured authors with Passion and Purpose around Metro Detroit. The moderator and founder of Motown Writers Network is always looking for authors who continue striving for a better society using their books and network in order to help out causes.

One such author is Versandra Kennebrew. See more below and please support and help!

An Author with Purpose & Passion
Today marks the launch of the new “Candles for the Homeless” website powered by PartyLite
In 2008 author Versandra Kenenbrew released her inspirational memoir, sharing with the world how she battled depression, downsizing, the closing of her massage therapy business and finally becoming homeless all to emerge with a new mind and renewed commitment to help others. Since then, she has been on a mission to bring awarness to the epidemic of homelessness in America.
As we know, the devestation of this malady has increased in recent years.
Due to our nations continued ecomomic slump, 1 million school age students and thousands of college students are homeless, struggling to continue their studies while seeking the eduaction necessary to live a better life.
During September, International Self Improvement Month, we ask that you light a candle to illuminate your own life while supporting our continued efforts to inspire and encourage students to not give up on their dreams. Our 10-city homeless awareness & sensitivity tour has already been a blessing to so many students, entrepreneurs, retirees and shelter residents. (subscribe to our blog for tour updates) Your candle purchase today will help us continue this dynamic tour, reaching Atlanta, Birmingham, Washington D.C, NewYork, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas and back to Detroit.
*Free e-book with any candle purchase
Thank you in advance for your support!
Be Inspired, Be encouraged, Be lifted
Versandra Kennebrew Intl.
8200 E. Jefferson Ave
Detroit, MI 48214
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