Social Media for Authors: Who loves you baby?

Everybody loves you, right? I’ll bet you know because your bank account is overflowing with money from all the books you sell every day. Well, maybe not.

What if I told you there were a few easy ways to find out who really loves you on the internet by using a tool that comes standard with your Facebook fan page? What if all you had to do to expand the people who love you on the internet (people who would most likely buy your book) was to check this tool out regularly and target an ad directly to those people? Well it’s a fact and this is how it goes in 3 easy steps:

  1. In the last segment I briefly mentioned Insights (a Facebook tool which comes standard with Facebook pages that tells you how many people visited your page during any given period. This tool also tells you where your page visitors come from and their age range.
  2. Review my last blog to learn how to grow your on-line community using killer content and after following those tips for 30-days, you can check your Insights and review them to see who loves you baby.
  3. Now that you know who loves you, your goal should be to find more people in that demographic to join your community and buy your book. Referrals are the best way to do this however the second best is through Facebook ads.

I invite you to join me at my next Social Media Made Easy Meetup or call me for a Social Media Coaching Session if you need support with creating a Facebook ad or for referral strategies.

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