Social Media for Authors: What do they want from me for God’s sake?

So you have your Facebook Author Page up and running and you’ve invited all your friends to like you. Two-days have gone by and no one has liked you yet?  You begin to second guess yourself, wondering; what do they want from me for God’s sake? But then you remember why you set the page up in the first place. You wanted to make sure your readers got to know you. You wanted to know that your message was getting across to your readers loud and clear. You wanted to meet your readers and reward them for their support. Well, here is a checklist that I use with my social media clients to make sure my I’s are dotted and my T’s are crossed.

  1. Check to make sure your content is tight. Do you have 7 or more pieces of killer content populated on your page?
  2. Is your information page totally complete with the about, description and award sections complete?
  3. Do you have a favorable picture of you and your book or logo as the profile image?
  4. Have you asked for feedback to encourage reader engagement?
  5. Do you have excerpts from your book in the content?
  6. Have you scheduled an event?
  7. Have you linked your Facebook page to your Twitter Account and Website?
  8. Have you identified 10 people per day that you can individually message, sharing something interesting about your new page with a link to it?
  9. Have you liked relevant Like/Fan Pages?
  10. Are you asking your friends to give recommendations on your personal wall with a link?

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