December’s #MBC BOM features E.CON the ICON by Eddie Connor @EddieConnorJr


Eddie Connor was born in Southfield, Michigan but grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. The British Education that Eddie received, during his formative years in Jamaica, can be attributed to his thirst for knowledge. As a product of a divorced family, Eddie realizes that he was not born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth, but was raised by a strong mother, who instilled in him life long values and the importance of governing himself as a positive individual.

Eddie Connor preached his first message, after being diagnosed with cancer, at the age of fifteen in Kingston, Jamaica proclaiming from Psalm 118:17, “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.” Eddie affirms that he was “Destined to Overcome the Odds.” Eddie Connor is declaring the works of the Lord. The healing power of God has touched this young man’s life, as he has miraculously been healed from cancer. CLICK to read more about Eddie.

E.CON the ICON is an insightful and candid commentary. Eddie provides literary detail, through vivid riffs and rhymes, as he perceptively muses on issues, from Pop Culture to President Barack Obama. Isn’t it ironic that everything regarded as iconic, is really not iconic? Take a journey with Eddie Connor, in his most controversial declaration yet. E.CON the ICON, redefines what it means to be an icon.

You can buy the book HERE!ECON

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2 thoughts on “December’s #MBC BOM features E.CON the ICON by Eddie Connor @EddieConnorJr

  1. Eddie Connor is a gifted and anointed speaker, thought leader and motivator. His enthusiasm for abundant life is contagious!


  2. Eddie Connor is an gifted and anointed author, speaker and motivator. His enthusiasm for abundant living is contagious.


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