February’s MBC Feature: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU by Phette Ogburn @phephi #MWN

Phette Ogburn

It Can Happen To You: Volume 1 contains three short stories:
S&M (Sexts & Messaging) – a cautionary tale of what happens when an online friendship turns into obsession. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU--COVER

THE ID – After meeting Chazz, Nya thinks she has found the love of her life until he vanishes with no trace. When she uncovers the truth of his disappearance, she realizes her life will never be the same.

ORGANIZED KARMA – Destinee and Tracy have been friends for years, but as they get older their lives take them on two different paths.

About Phette:
While taking college courses at Henry Ford Community College, she was urged by two instructors to go into writing in some capacity. Not believing enough in herself, she shelved the idea and sat on it for many years.

She started actively pursuing her passion in 2004 and vividly remembers seeing Tyler Perry on the Oprah Winfrey show when she had an “AHA” moment and said to herself that she, too, can write stories for the world to read and see. Learn more about Phette at www.phetteogburn.com.

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