[Podcast] The empowerment of indie publishing w/David Gaughran via @thecreativepenn

Podcast: Download (Duration: 34:53 — 20.9MB)

The indie publishing world continues in constant flux but a new strident voice has recently appeared on the scene. Today David Gaughran shares his story.

David Gaughran is the author of historical novel ‘A Storm Hits Valparaiso’ as well as several short story collections. He has also published ‘Let’s get digital: How to self-publish and why you should‘.  [Video at the end of the post]

  • How David got started. He’s been writing for a long time but in 2005 he started seriously writing with the aim of publication. After a few attempts, he started historical novel A Storm Hits Valparaiso. He sent it out to agents and publishers as well as working on it to improve it over a number of years. After 18 months he was feeling quite down about the project and the continued rejection. In Christmas 2010, he heard from a NY agent who was interested, but then he never heard from him again. This is not an unusual story but David felt disappointed and in a negative place.

READ MORE AT: http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2012/01/26/indie-empowerment-david-gaughran/
YOUTUBE VIDEO| CLICK HERE : The Empowerment Of Indie Publishing With David Gaughran

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