#MWN Meetup 03/10/12 Highlights, Notes & Tweets w/guest speaker, @23_exchange #michlit #motownlit

scribe to this post as updates will be made along the way as more information becomes available – it’s at the end of this post.  And please don’t forget to like or make comments on the post. If you have any questions for the presenter, please leave them in the comments and she will comment back. Thank you.)

Yes, I said this would be ready yesterday at 9pm, but I had a booksigning and a private gig, three kids and a household to run. I’m not making excuses, but I want to say better late than ever and truly ask for an apology for being so late.

If you missed yesterday, you missed a really informative presentation by Stephanie Lewis of 23 Exchange. She truly rocked an awesome presentation called Seize Your Launch! (If you are interested in receiving the powerpoint, please email 23exchange@gmail.com

To read all the tweets from the meeting, please go to


You can see all the #mwn tweets from the meeting. Im highlighting some:


The pictures are coming and if you took any, please share a link where you’ve posted them at.  (Even if it’s n your facebook page. Please tag them with #mwn)




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