Poet Spotlight~ Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller is the voice of wounds exposed, and the healing balm of poetry applied to the human spirit. The passionate 26 year-old Detroit, MI native is a writer, performance poet, author, publisher dedicated activist, producer, actress and an aspiring motivational speaker. Since her debut, just over four years ago, Natasha has proven to be a poetical powerhouse. After one year on the performance circuit, in 2007, she was crowned Detroit Poetry Slam team’s Grand Slam Champion, and has been a member of four National Poetry Slam teams. She has also been a Women of The World Poetry Slam top five finalist three out of the last four years once ranking as high as the third female slam poet in the World. Natasha continued her impressive record by leading and coaching her own slam team to a championship at the 2010 Midwest Rustbelt Poetry Slam, where she also came out ranking #2 overall in the individual competition.

 Natasha has awed audiences across the country at universities, festivals and numerous venues including slams and shows like the famous Nuyorican Poets Café in New York, Vancouver Poetry slam, Seattle poetry slam, Girl Fest Hawaii and Chicago’s Green Mill. She has premiered on stages with celebrity actors and comedians Oscar award winning Mo’nique, Star of the movie “Paper Hearts” Charlyne Yi, Brandon T. Jackson, actor Malcolm Jamal Warner, legendary poet Jessica Care Moore, hip-hop artist Talib Kweli, and many more. Mo’Nique, impressed, personally invited Natasha to feature on her radio show.  In 2010, she starred in a national commercial campaign for Sprite. In the same year, she released her solo spoken word album “Poetry for Change,” and featured in the stage play “The Revolution’s In The Ladies Room” produced by Jessica care Moore.

Natasha is currently ranked as the number 5 female slam poet in the World. She now produces the popular “Its Not About You” Poetry Slam Series. Recently she started her own publishing company “All I Wanna Say Publishing”, in 2010 she published her first book of quotes “Dreams Of A Beginner”, and in 2011 she published her second book “Coming Out of Nowhere” a Social Networking Memoir that allows readers to mentally and emotionally “log-in” to their favorite websites (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) and view the opinions of others on love, hate, suicide, tragedy, politics, religion, cyber-bullying, entertainment, mental illness, freedom of choice, homophobia, and all other things surrounding homosexuality by simply turning a page. She is currently working with popular video director Erica D Hayes on a documentary that focuses on prostitution and placement in the transgendered community. Natasha uses her words to enlighten, create equality, imbue life, and most importantly spread love and peace in the tradition of great leaders before her.

Questions with Natasha…

How old where you when you wrote your first poem? Do you remember what it was about?

I don’t remember what age I was exactly when I wrote my first poem. I think I was in high school, maybe 10th or 11th grade but I was not performing poetry at the time. I was 20 when I wrote my first performance poem it was titled “Black vs Black” and it was about black on black crime.

If you had to describe your poetry how would you describe it?

Forgiving. Fun. To the point. Vulnerable. Relatable. Not too up there, not too down there but exactly where I need it to be to reach who I need it to reach.

What is your favorite poem that you wrote? why?

My favorite piece varies from performance to performance. It all depends on what I had the most fun performing that night or that day. I write all of my poems with the same amount of sincerity and confidence so I can’t pick a favorite because they all contain the same amount of love…To me picking a favorite poem is much like picking a favorite child, I just can’t do it.

Who are some of your favorite poets?

Mahogany Browne, William Evans, Edgar Allen Poe, Rudy Francisco, Andrea Gibson, David Blair, Jamal “Versiz” May, Sierra Demulder and plenty more. I love slam and performance poets so I named a few.

What inspires you to write poetry?

My strong desire for peace inspires me to write poetry.

Kai Mann

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