The Ebook Lady

Tough economic times have not diminished the spirits of Detroit’s authors and Sylvia Hubbard  is tops among them.  She has self published 29 books and shows no signs of letting up.  Another amazing fact is that she was one of the first in Detroit to use the Ebook format.

The word “Ebook” is short for Electronic Book and it is a fairly new term.  There was a time where the mere thought of reading a book electronically was something out of “Star Trek”.  Although she was once laughed at and called “The Crazy Ebook Lady”, Sylvia has brought us light years into the future.  Through her workshops, She is more than willing to share this knowledge with virgin and experienced authors alike.  As an emerging author myself, I jumped at the next chance to attend one of her workshops.  I was not disappointed.

It was an unseasonably warm day in Detroit.  Any other time I would be out enjoying the sun and letting the Fugees radiate from the speakers in my jeep.  Today, I would be putting those plans on hold in favor of a first-rate education in Ebooks by the master herself! Tech Town in Detroit would be the site of that education and like a professor at an Ivy league school, she taught in great detail.  Everything from which file to write your book in; to marketing and selling your book online!  No need to deal will large publishing houses, no need to sacrifice trees to make paper.  Your readers can get your work instantaneous to their device of choice in two clicks!  You can get paid just as fast!  Nice!!  The Ebook Lady was definitely giving all who attended valuable information.  As an added bonus, the break turned into an impromptu networking session.  Sylvia Hubbard’s Ebook workshop is a must attend for any aspiring or seasoned writer.

If you are a poet, you must get in touch with her immediately and ask her about her next Ebook workshop!  I know all poets have volumes of  their unpublished work stored away.  Ebooks are an easy way to get you work published and in the hands of readers worldwide!  Not to mention establishing yourself and making money in the process!  How can you pass that up?  So don’t!  Contact Sylvia Hubbard A.K.A the Ebook Lady here at the Motown Writers Network.  Your literary future is now and she is ready to guide you!

-Kelly Greene

Motown Writers Network

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10 thoughts on “The Ebook Lady

  1. i was truly surprised and honored by this! thank you so much!


  2. That is the perfect name for her. She is definitely an inspiration & one of the main influences in my self-pub/e-book journey. Thanks for sharing this post Kelly.


  3. Piper Davenport

    Sylvia, I commend you for writing so many books. I’ve only written one, and it’s a novella, but you are a gem in the writing community. Your advice for authors is no small feat!


  4. I surely have gotten some great advice with publishing and advertising my second book “Secret Affair” and the responds has been great!


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  7. You are quite welcome!


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