Wednesday Book Candy Feature~Holy Suspicion

This week’s Book Candy feature is Holy Suspicion by Melissa Love

Victoria and Travis Winter were once the Reverend and First Lady of their own mega church in Indiana, Indianapolis. It wasn’t until nine years ago, when their two oldest daughters, Reva and Rhonda exposed accusation about their Christian husbands. Feeling embarrassed with the lost of their church members and income, they left Indiana and moved to Detroit with their youngest daughter Naomi, to get a fresh start. The Winters found their new home at One True Worship, the third largest church in the Detroit area. But Victoria didn’t want to be just a regular church member. She wanted to become Second Mother of the Church, a very high position for a mother-in-law. In order to have this accomplished, she must convince Naomi to fall in love and marry Pastor Kyle Smith; a wealthy and famous pastor of a multi-billion dollar family. God-fearing Naomi does everything a Christian woman is supposed to do. She attends all her church services, church events and she even help out when asked. After offering a bible study for their daughter, Victoria is so happy to see Naomi finally has the pastor eating out her of hands. But Naomi has a secret! This secret Victoria uncovers is enough to ruin her dreams of getting the position she so eagerly wanted, as well as having Naomi married off to a prestige family. Will this secret cause them to move again?

This week you can get Holy Suspicion for free on your kindle. Promotion date is from 10/9/2012 to 10/13/2012.  Also check out Melissa Love’s contest page for a chance to win more prizes. click here

Amazon page: Holy Suspicion

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