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Do you outline your article, story or novel before you start writing? Outlining has always struck me as sounding a bit too much like work, and I’ve preferred to think of my creative endeavors as being freeing! unrestrained! Unfortunately, I‘ve come to the realization that my unstructured writing usually winds up being plot-less! unfinished!

One reason I avoid outlining is that I’m not entirely sure how to go about it.  I don’t think I need to outline the same way I did in high school, with all those Roman numerals and indentations and such. Even less appealingly, “outlining” was big in law school (as in, “have you outlined the Torts chapter on Trespass to Chattels yet?”)  Yuck!  I try to avoid thinking about law school whenever possible.

I know there are no “rules” for how best to outline, say, a novel, and that it’s all very individual, whatever works best for…

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