Readers&Writers in Michigan: Discuss More! Interact More! Help More! in 2013 #Detroit #Updates #michlit #mwn #motownlit

Hi guys, As founder of the group, I’m happy you guys love to post and
advertise your work at our Facebook Motown Writers Network group, but in the 2013, let’s see more discussion going on.
A lot of you don’t know some of the items posted on the FB group & page, also appear on the main and the We have to closely monitor what’s up and represent our mission.
If you’re having trouble or like to discuss a literary issue, just throw it out there. Someone else has got to
know a solution.

Also, only post literary or blogger news. If you are not a Michigan
author, or aren’t promoting for a Michigan author, I will delete you from
the group. I’m sorry I have to be like that, but I have to stick to the
mission of the group and there are thousands of other FB groups Out of
State authors you can post to.

If you see post that should be here, please notify me with a message and
I’ll “moderate” immediately.

If you aren’t apart of our Facebook group, please take a moment and join!
We also have a Facebook page as well:

As always, I want to help you. let me…

If you are a writer’s group struggling to find members, please contact me so you may use our meetup to announce your offline meetings.

If you’re a reader or a book group, contact us if you’re interested in being a reviewer or hosting a reading event you’d love us to work with you on.

If you’d like us to help you promote your work more through out 100,000 social media & subscribing contacts, please contact us as well. We’d love to feature you (a free option if you’re a member) and we’d love to host you on our radio show (also a free option if you’re a member).

Want more promotion? Check out our advertising options at:

Currently we’re looking for an author who is releasing a book in 2013, to feature as our author for National Author’s Day in September. We’re also looking for male authors for our March 2013, second Saturday panel and romance authors to feature for our February panel.

Our new endeavors and partnerships including

If you have a project or event you’d like us to work with you on, please don’t hesitate to call us. And if you’d love to volunteer, we would really appreciate everything you can offer.

Let’s make 2013 your literary year!

You have my permission to forward this message to others who might be interested in joining. To join for free, just go to our main page and subscribe for updates.

Be blessed & have a happy holiday and a happy new year.

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