Free Read Friday~Nursing Dr. Miller by Kimmie Thomas

Nursing Dr. Miller

Chapter Nine


Carla realized her mistake when Dr. Miller closed the door after entering her apartment. Dr. Miller’s eyes told her that he wanted to bed her. The thought exited her and scared her at the same time.

Carla felt her breathe catch. This was the first time any man had been to her apartment, including her brother. The polite thing to do would be to ask him to have a seat. She hesitated because each time she was alone with Dr. Miller she found herself agreeing to do things that she knew weren’t good for her. The growing sexual tension between them was explosive. Every time he touched her, she felt all of her will power leave. She also knew that once he left her apartment, her body would ache for him even more. What if he thought she was childish and never called again?

Carla wasn’t a risk taker. Her whole life up to this point had been planned, including college and the current position that she held. By age fifteen Carla had mapped out the next twenty years of her life. None of her plans included a torrid love affair with a doctor.

If she gave herself to Dr. Miller, she would be taking a chance that he would tell everyone at Kingdom Hospital and become the laughing stock of the hospital or that he would just use her and treat as trash when they were done, just like he had done Tish,  Carla feared the later more.

Although Dr. Miller was always cordial to Tish, it was obvious that he kept a polite distance, even though everyone knew that had been intimate.

Before she could ask him to have a seat or to leave, she found herself overcome with heat. Dr. Miller held Carla in his arms like she was his prize possession as he kissed her.

All of Carla’s will power was gone. She only prayed it would be worth the humiliation she would face later. She finally pulled away and went to the closet door in the living room and hung up her coat. Dr. Miller startled her when she turned around and Dr. Miller was standing right behind her. He pulled Carla into his arms and covered her lips with his own. Carla clutched the back of Dr. Miller’s cashmere coat. He felt her body surrender to him, responding to his touched. He sucked at her top lip and then the bottom. Silently he said a prayer that he could find the strength to release her and leave.

Carla pulled away from Dr. Miller and looked at him. He could see the fear and desire in her soft brown eyes. Slowly she took a step forward and unbuttoned his coat. Dr. Miller caught her delicate hands and kissed each one on their palms.

“Is it all right if I call you when I get home?” Dr. Miller asked her.

“You don’t have to leave just yet,” Carla pleaded.

“I would love to stay but it’s better if I do. I’ll call you as soon as I get home,” he told her. He kissed her on her forehead, then turned and left.


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2 thoughts on “Free Read Friday~Nursing Dr. Miller by Kimmie Thomas

  1. Kai is a good writer and can used word in the right way


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