Updates frm Writers Group Detroit Working Writers @DetWkgWriters, plus #AWritersWorth Conf Update

Happy February, DWW Members!
The DWW Board of Directors is happy to announce four things:
FIRST: DWW Historian has arranged for a private tour of the Detroit Public Library,including the room which contains the DWW archives, and a luncheon. The tour will be on April 12, and is for members only. DWW will pay the tour costs, we will each pay or own luncheon costs ($13/person). You are invited to create a poem or SHORT piece that focuses on some aspect of life in Detroit, to be read at the event. Please SAVE THE DATE. You will be receiving a formal invitation within the next few weeks.

Join Detroit Working Writers at detworkingwriters.org
SECOND: Our 2014 Conferencewill take place on Saturday May 17, at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library, with very reasonable pricing for members and non-members. The 2014 Writing Competition is open to Michigan Writers of all skill levels, has 5 categories, low entry fees, and cash prizes. Deadline for entry is March 25. Winners will be announced at the conference, and need not be present to win. Please visit the Conference/Competition website for complete list of workshops and all details, and registration / entry forms. http://www.dww-writers-conference.org.  If you are on social media or have a mailing list of people who would be interested, please share this link.

Join Detroit Working Writers at detworkingwriters.org

THIRD: We are so very proud to announce that for the first time since the “Emerging Writer” status was opened in 2011, an Emerging Writer – Vicki Wilke – has gained enough traditional publication credits to qualify for “Established Writer” status. Send her a note of congratulations!  

Join Detroit Working Writers at detworkingwriters.org

Fourth: The DWW Workshop Series started in 2013 has been a great success. Check out our calendar of workshop topics and speakers for the rest of 2014 at the Workshop Website. Have an idea for a workshop or a topic you want us to explore and present? email us!

Join Detroit Working Writers at detworkingwriters.org
DWW is active on Facebook and Twitter. Please “like” or “follow” us!
Have recent publication news? Questions about DWW? Want to volunteer to help with our Workshops or the Conference?  Please fill us in on the details and we’ll post it on our website and social media pages!
Wishing you all a safe and productive February!
Linda Anger, DWW President

Join Detroit Working Writers at detworkingwriters.org

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