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Caught up in a world of easy money, designer labels and drug-dealing boyfriends, sixteen-year-old Kyra Jones is living life on the fast track. But when her single mom is offered a job that takes Kyra away from her old Chicago neighborhood, and the drugs and gang violence that go along with it, she finally realizes that there’s more to life than Gucci, Prada and ghetto-fabulous bling. Starting over in a new place, with a new boyfriend, Justin, gives Kyra hope that life can be different. But sometimes the fast life catches up to you. And for Kyra, her only hope is to stay one step ahead of trouble.

Links of where to buy:

“Fast Life” is available in paperback and e-book.

http://amzn.to/LBU0dn – Amazon | http://bit.ly/1khtFR3 – BN.com |  http://bit.ly/1b5EOS3 – Google Play

CassandraThis author can be contacted for interviews, speaking engagements and all other inquiries by

Official Facebook Fan Page: AuthoressCassandraCarter

 Twitter: @CallMeMissCarta

Instagram: MissCarta2U

Blog: 16dreams.wordpress.com


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