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Michigan Literary Network Update 9/8/10 | Book Club Mix & Mingle. Calling All Book Clubs Register for FREE!At our December MWN meeting, I proposed the compilation of a short story anthology. This month we formulated a plan. We are seeking 15 to 20 writers to create an original 1500 to 2000 word story on what Spirituality means to you.

Several Poets have expressed an interest in participating. Poets here’s an opportunity to sharpen your skills in prose and your piece will be considered for submission.

On February 8, we will form a committee (at the end of the MWN meeting) so that we can begin reviewing submissions. It is my hope that by the end of April, we will have enough submissions to start structuring and editing the project.

The only requirements for submission of your work to this anthology are 1) regular attendance at MWN meetings (that means that you’ve been to at least 2-3 meetings in the past 12 calendar months), 2) that you stick to the topic of what spirituality means to you, 3) that the piece not exceed 2000 words and 4) that poets interested in submitting a piece create some original prose. “Flowetry Baby!”

The deadline for final submissions looks like April 30, 2014. Final cost of the project will be discussed by April meeting.

 Walter O’Bryant, the coordinator, loves Facebook but I prefer that you contact me via email regarding this project at the form below.

Walter O’Bryant


J. Paul Ghetto Esq.



This post is available for printing and sharing at will to writers groups, other writers and authors. Please share!

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