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Caught up in a world of easy money, designer labels and drug-dealing boyfriends, sixteen-year-old Kyra Jones is living life on the fast track. Butwhen her single mom is offered a job that takes Kyra away from her old Chicago neighborhood, and the drugs and gang violence that go along with it, she finally realizes that there’s more to life than Gucci, Prada and ghetto-fabulous bling. Starting over in a new place, with a new boyfriend, Justin, gives Kyra hope that life can be different. But sometimes the fast life catches up to you. And for Kyra, her only hope is to stay one step ahead of trouble.

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“Fast Life” is available in paperback and e-book. – Amazon | – | – Google Play


The market was busy with chatter that was audible from around the corner and aromas that filled the air. There were stands overflowing with an array of fruits and vegetables that came in every shape and color one could imagine. Other stands displayed woven straw baskets, paintings and carvings, clothes, and jewelry, all of which were handmade. Kyra had never seen anything like it in her life. It was almost fascinating. Almost.

Kyra wandered around glancing at things, stopping to pick up carvings and beaded jewelry to admire their craftsmanship. Her mother headed off to search for her desired food items, but Kyra didn’t mind making her way through the market alone. She was exhausted from thinking and was still in no mood to entertain her mother with conversation. The reality of her move weighed on her, and she was helpless to do anything about it. She was miserable in paradise.

After discovering a tobacco stand, Kyra instinctively bought two Cuban cigars, wondering if they would live up to their reputation. Then she slowly drifted to another stand that caught her attention. Her eyes roamed over all the candles. No two seemed the same. She picked up several, smelled them, and set them down only to pick up yet another. As she sniffed each candle, she couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Someone was watching.

Kyra lifted her eyes to spot a group of boys standing in the shade of a neighboring tree. They appeared to be her age, maybe a little older. One had butterscotch-colored skin and a freshly cut head of hair. From his posture alone, she could tell he was muscular underneath his white T-shirt. Another one, tall and lean, had long cornrows and a light brown skin tone that was reminiscent of walnut.

Of the three young men, only one had dreadlocks, and he was the culprit. His skin was the shade of milk chocolate. He had a mustache, and a thin beard ran along the edge of his face and chin. Their eyes locked. And no matter how hard Kyra tried to turn away, she couldn’t break his stare.

“How are you doing today, miss?” He spoke with a slight accent and was very polite. He blew all of Kyra’s prejudices out of the water.

“I’ve been better.”

“So, are you new to the island? I’ve never seen you before. What is your name?”

“None of your business.” For the first time in their conversation, Kyra looked the stranger in the eye. She clutched the things she had bought as she gave him the once-over from head to toe.

“Well, None of Your Business, I’m Justin. And over there is my brother, Quentin, and my best friend, Michael.” Justin smiled at her feistiness and pointed in the direction of his friends. “The one with braids is my brother and the one in the white shirt is Michael.” Kyra could instantly see the resemblance between him and the boy he said was his brother.

“Look, that’s nice and all, but if you came over here to get my number or somethin’, then you’re wastin’ your time. You might as well walk over to your friends and make up a lie to tell them so you won’t feel so embarrassed.”

Without another word, Justin smiled and rejoined his boys. They exchanged words for only seconds before heading in the opposite direction. As they walked down the dirt road talking, and kicking up dust Kyra stared at them curiously.

Links of where to buy:

“Fast Life” is available in paperback and e-book. – Amazon | – | – Google Play

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