Am I a Fraud?

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I am a fraud. I hope that isn’t true, but I’m beginning to feel if it may be. Let me explain; I have published (self-published) five books, since 2010. Two books of poems, one science fiction novel and two science fiction short stories. The thing is; the poems in my book, I wrote most of them in the 90s and again when I my mother passed away in 2000. The novel, I started writing way back in the 90s and finished it in 2010. It had been collecting dust until this year.
As for the short stories, yes, written back in the 90s. So, I can say that I really haven’t written anything in the last 14 years or so. I am a fraud. I just finished all of those stories in the past few years.
I have been working on my fictional auto-biography, again, since the 90s and I…

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