FYI [IRP] Get Your LIFE again, calling for web series &film submissions & Short Film Sundays @awkwardblkgrl

Happy New Year!
Hoping that your new year has had a fantastic start and that the rest of the year will politely follow. We have some news and exciting opportunities to share with you. Some of it you may want to share to prompt the creatives in your circle. Before we get to it, if you’d like to add a friend to this list, you can have this newsletter forwarded to them, just like that.


From Amanda’s vastly different exes, to learning the giving and then more giving nature of a particular fruit to an amazing array of cameos and encounters to meeting her favorite celebrity and guru (although a beautiful gesture from a good friend who failed to warn her about her attire for such an event), Amanda’s newfound sunny outlook met good times and moments shrouded in hilarity. Now would be the perfect time to revisit the entire season all over again and while you’re at it, find and follow the creator of the series, Amanda Seales and let her know how you appreciated, “Get Your Life.”

get your life | episode 1


Have a series you would like to submit to Issa Rae Productions?  We’re looking for 2 to 3 episodes, shot and edited as a web series. Submissions can range from dramas to comedies and even animated series. Email links to



What better way to spend a Sunday night than watching the latest film project from extremely unique talent. Our first feature will be “Ladylike” from Tiffany Johnson. We’re really excited about bringing #ShortFilmSundays to you.

We’re also welcoming submissions for #ShortFilmSundays, as well. Email your project to


on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Thank you ABGNation for all of your support.

We appreciate you more than you could ever know.

Stay awkward.

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