#MotownWriters Author Feature: S.F.Hardy #Michlit #MotownLit

S.F. Hardy the Writer
Like many working women today, S.F. Hardy is a multifaceted person whose life spans everything from mother and wife to prison librarian and author.
She earned a Bachelor’s from Wayne State University in Africana Studies in 2007 and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science in 2009.
Since she was old enough to hold a pencil, Hardy has been fascinated with writing. She writes to empower and entertain, inspired by emotions brought on by the circumstances that affects her community, she has always preferred to express herself on paper.  Her works displaying her displeasure against violence was selected and published twice in a middle school in an area wide contest.
Reading, however, is her first love and drug of choice; she attempts to engage and hook all those she encounters. After all— one of the first lessons her parents imparted was sharing.
A beauty shop baby who grew up with a mother, aunt, a host of surrogate mothers who are professional hairstylists, dealing with her own wonderfully complicated textured hair and seeing some of the black women around her struggle with their perception of beauty and “good hair”, she was inspired to write and publish her second book and first children’s book The Empress’ New Hair.
A foodie at heart, her loved ones affectionately call her “Hungary Black”; a play on her multiethnic background, as well as one of her favorite sayings: I’m hungry. She has created a food blog, Where to Eat At: Detroit and Abroad at the urging of her husband and friends; celebrating world culture, all the while giving readers delectable palatal direction in their dinning experiences.
Hardy resides in her native Detroit where she is happy at work blogging, reviewing literature, and developing stories for children and adults to enjoy!
The EmpressNew Hair Cover Final
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Purchase book: http://amzn.to/1QjMSCG
About Book: Empress Zaina Niara of Detroit Charm is in constant battle with her unruly hair. But when she finds herself and her hair in trouble with two greedy villains, she soon learns … her hair is less unruly and more versatile than she could have ever imagined.
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  1. CC Brandon

    She is very talented.

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