Daily (w)rite Want to learn about short #fiction from an expert?

Want to learn about short #fiction from an expert?

by Damyanti Biswas

Damyanti Biswas interviews Tar Masih about short fictionBest Small Fictions Guest edited by Robert Olen Butler

As part of my ongoing guest post series in this blog, we heard from Michael Dellertlast week.

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome the fabulous Tara L. Masih, an editor and an award-winning author. She speaks about The Best Small Fictions 2015, an anthology she has compiled, guest edited by Robert Olen Butler, another author I’m a fan of. Tara has given excellent advice about the writing life, flash fiction, and submitting to writing contests. I’ve highlighted some of it for you in blue.

  1. What are your preoccupations as a writer? Which of your stories would you recommend to a reader who has never read your work? (Could you provide links to your favourite stories online.)

I’m not sure I have preoccupations. I don’t write about one set of issues or one group of people. For me, writing is about discovery. I get excited when I find a topic or get an idea that makes me want to put all else aside and sit down in a chair and write until I have a finished story. And while I write, I discover something new. It comes to me through the voice of the narrator as a natural consequence of the forward action, or it comes through research.

Damyanti Biswas interviews Tara L. Masih about short fictionStories by Tara L. Masih

Most longer stories are in print journals or republished in my story collection. Some of my better flash work online is here.

I’d also recommend readers listen to the audio stories I’ve posted on my site. It’ll give them an idea of how I like to write. It’s an auditory thing for me. It has to sound good aloud. There’s also a wonderful short film that Michael Dickes produced and narrated, A Haunt of Memory. The reader can both listen and see the story come to life. I loved hearing my words through his amazing voice.

read more at: http://wp.me/p7eJTv-1J7

Do you write short stories or flash fiction? Do you submit your stories to writing contests? What issues do you face while writing fiction? Bought your copy ofBest Small Fictions anthology yet? Do you have questions for Tara? Have at it in the comments!

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