MWN Blog Archive O/T April 8th @Detroit_Impact Roars! Please support to Keep the doors open #Literacy #Detroit

Since they are the biggest supporters in our book drive, I’m asking for your support to help support their programs and keep the doors open in any way you can.

Hello Everybody,

In a few hours we’ll be kicking off “Detroit Impact Roars,” our campaign to support a dollar-for-dollar match fundraiser that will finance Detroit Impact youth programs. Detroit Impact provides young people in our community and in Wayne County with in-school and after-school programs including tutoring, academic support, job readiness training, mentoring and life skills instruction, along with retreats, summer camp, and guidance for at-risk youth.

Detroit Impact has been dedicated to serving young people and families for over twenty years and your help is needed in reaching our $100,000 target by giving what you can. We hope you’ll lend us a hand in taking advantage of this great opportunity to strengthen our services. If you can’t make it to our kick-off event (see attached flyer) please visit our web or our gofundme page and make a $10 or more donation. THANK YOU!

Mr. Calvin Colbert
Executive Director
Detroit Impact Inc.
9930 Greenfield
Detroit, Michigan 48227

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