Reposted 3 Paid Publishing Opportunities for Writers 06/15/2016

Paid Publishing Opportunities For Writers

10 Magazines that Pay $400 Per Article

A variety of publishers seeking submissions of high quality writing.

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$5,000 for Journalists / Essayists

The Richard J. Margolis Award offers $5,000 and a one month writing residency.

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11 Short Story Publishers that Pay Writers (YA/Kidlit)

These approachable markets aren’t famous, but they do pay for short stories.

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Jacob Jans

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81 traditional book publishers that accept submissions directly from authors. No agent required.

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Recent Articles:

  1. Bacopa Literary Contest: $1,080 in Prizes
    The Bacopa Literary review has a contest for the best poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. They offer a $200 first prize, and a $160 runner-up prize for each genre. That is a total of $1,080 in prizes being handed out. Plus, even if you’re not a prize winner, all published writers will get $20 and… Keep reading…
  2. 7 Eco-Friendly Travel Markets that Pay Writers
    As we grow more aware of global environmental concerns, ecotourism is becoming an increasingly important option for consumers. If you have a passion for eco-friendly travel, here are a few places you can write for, in addition to traditional publications. Verge Magazine. A magazine for people who want to “travel with purpose,” Verge covers… Keep reading…
  3. 8 Podcasts and Audio Projects Seeking Your Submissions
    Written by Nick Milne Story-telling podcasts and radio shows have taken off in a big way in recent years, with programs like The Truth, Serial and Welcome to Night Vale captivating millions. While most such podcasts and radio initiatives are strictly owner-created and –presented, some seek contributions from writers who would like to hear their… Keep reading…
  4. 10 Free Writing Contests with Cash Prizes
    The following is a list of writing contests with cash prizes. All of them are completely free to enter. None of them require submission fees. A wide variety of writing is covered, including non-fiction, poetry, and short stories, essays, etc… 1. The Bacopa Literary review has a contest for the best poetry, fiction, and creative… Keep reading…
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