Writing @Meetups in Metro Detroit for the Week of July 18th

Your calendar for the week of July 18

Hi Sylvia/MotownWriters, here’s what Meetup looks like for you this week.

Your Meetups

Tuesday July 19

thumb_127111342.jpeg Motown Writers Meetup Group
Freelance Marketplace Writers’ Group

Tuesday, 7:30 PM Jul 19

thumb_4359445.jpeg thumb_248802213.jpeg thumb_254313975.jpeg thumb_257965178.jpeg thumb_258308510.jpeg

5 Writers

Wednesday July 20

nobodies_50.png The Southeast Michigan Poetry Meetup Group
"Man In The Moon"? Now We Have Men ON The Moon!

Wednesday, 7:00 PM Jul 20

thumb_2384395.jpeg thumb_131029272.jpeg thumb_224682192.jpeg thumb_250714388.jpeg

4 Poets and Poetry Lovers

Thursday July 21

thumb_127111342.jpeg Motown Writers Meetup Group
Auburn Hills Writers Group Meeting!!

Thursday, 6:30 PM Jul 21

thumb_89013132.jpeg thumb_197420772.jpeg thumb_248802213.jpeg thumb_250951404.jpeg

4 Writers

Saturday July 23

thumb_247307002.jpeg Detroit Drunken Historical Society
Detroit Gatsby Bootlegger Dinner in an Urban Orchard

Saturday, 6:00 PM Jul 23

thumb_83682692.jpeg thumb_258335457.jpeg thumb_39607272.jpeg thumb_67614142.jpeg thumb_247429910.jpeg thumb_136501462.jpeg

24 Members

Top Meetups for you

Career & Business

thumb_436333631.jpeg IN3 Network for Businesswomen
Savvy Sisters Lunch & Learn

Tuesday, 12:00 PM Jul 19

thumb_234439062.jpeg thumb_255842757.jpeg thumb_257838260.jpeg

3 Networking Women

thumb_440313354.jpeg Business Divaz Only!
The MGP Whitney Garden Party & MACA Milli Show

Saturday, 10:00 PM Jul 23

thumb_251720474.jpeg thumb_244644573.jpeg thumb_118321972.jpeg thumb_251829730.jpeg thumb_258335379.jpeg thumb_257585822.jpeg

7 Sisters

thumb_440313354.jpeg Business Divaz Only!
House Music Boat Cruise 2016

Sunday, 7:00 PM Jul 24

thumb_118321972.jpeg thumb_208039282.jpeg thumb_243596246.jpeg thumb_246418493.jpeg thumb_256087554.jpeg

8 Sisters

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Arts & Culture

thumb_384931592.jpeg Mind Your Art Business: Creative Entrepreneur Connect
Artful Connections Mastermind- July! *RSVP thru Eventbrite

Wednesday, 6:30 PM Jul 20

thumb_230156792.jpeg thumb_230369282.jpeg thumb_245215215.jpeg noPhoto_50.png

4 Creative Entrepreneurs

Health & Wellbeing

thumb_323871762.jpeg Middle Path Meditation Group
Midweek Meditation

Wednesday, 6:00 PM Jul 20

thumb_106817822.jpeg thumb_248765812.jpeg noPhoto_50.png

3 Meditators

thumb_323871762.jpeg Middle Path Meditation Group
‘Shift Happens’ Meditation Group Sundays 11:00 am

Sunday, 11:00 AM Jul 24

thumb_395613222.jpeg AVATAR: Wild Shamanic Ecstatic-Dance Healing of Prehistory

Sunday, 12:00 PM Jul 24

thumb_4551117.jpeg thumb_242248395.jpeg noPhoto_50.png

3 Wild Shamanists

Book Clubs

thumb_447024923.jpeg The Book Club of Detroit
Detroit 67 Project Community Open House! FREE!

Thursday, 5:00 PM Jul 21

thumb_95476482.jpeg thumb_254288714.jpeg thumb_251787909.jpeg thumb_227255872.jpeg thumb_250474869.jpeg thumb_246379236.jpeg

9 Members

thumb_447024923.jpeg The Book Club of Detroit
Catherine Cangany: "Frontier Seaport Detroit" @ Pages Bookshop in Detroit! FREE!

Saturday, 2:00 PM Jul 23

thumb_95476482.jpeg thumb_252219068.jpeg thumb_250474869.jpeg thumb_246379236.jpeg noPhoto_50.png

5 Members


thumb_446850960.jpeg Soul-Centered Journaling
Soul-Centered Journaling Workshop

Tuesday, 6:00 PM Jul 19

thumb_7226439.jpeg thumb_253726013.jpeg thumb_220232362.jpeg thumb_254115813.jpeg thumb_249901638.jpeg thumb_254005984.jpeg

10 Journalers

thumb_445788553.jpeg Grey Wolfe Publishing Howl With The Pack
The Grey Wolfe Storybook Submission Deadline

Tuesday, 11:30 PM Jul 19

thumb_445788553.jpeg Grey Wolfe Publishing Howl With The Pack
Writing With The Pack

Wednesday, 7:00 PM Jul 20

thumb_95368382.jpeg thumb_188487872.jpeg thumb_256922295.jpeg noPhoto_50.png

5 Writers

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