Celebrating Our 5th Year of Service! From Rosey at @RdwCreations LLC #Detroit #MotownWriters

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Taking A Look BackCelebrating 5 years of service

Roses Are Always Resillient!

RDW Creations LLC was founded by Rosey Denise White in February 2012. It originally began as a publishing company; home to our first printed publication, Diamond in the Rough!  During those initial stages, our only passion was to develop written content that would help to inspire others.  Five years later, RDW Creations has expanded into a creative literacy business that not only publishes books, but also provides creative literacy initiatives aimed to address the illiteracy needs of the poor.


Throughout our personal journey and experiences, we’ve learned first hand how illiteracy continues to plague many in our community. There are so many indigent people who are unable to read! Many cannot complete essential paperwork or even know how to communicate on a basic and efficient level.  Because of this, RDW Creations mission is to help fill in these gaps- by assisting those who are often overlooked or disengaged. Our main focus is creating a fun learning environment that will attract at-risk youth or adults, and help them improve upon their literacy skills. The key difference between our creative literacy services and most traditional literacy programs, is our ability to fuse creativity with entertainment; helping to elevate the traditional learning process.


As we celebrate our 5th year of service, we continue to reflect not only on our growth in the community, but also on the importance of providing alternative learning services to those in need. Man cannot live by bread alone… RDW Creations is committed to strengthening literacy skills throughout Greater Detroit!



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Invitation to Collaborate

Does your organization have a need for creative literacy services? We have experience in working with various community partners in developing creative literacy and computer workshops that assist the poor. We also offer freelance writing services for small business owners and entrepreneurs.



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Rosey D. White, Founder & Owner
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