How To Set Up A Successful Blog Tour + A FREE Guide. #motownwriters

Early in my career, I had to go on multiple press tours with the various musicians I worked with. They were expensive, overwhelming, and completely exhausting. So when blogs came around and offered a positive alternative in doing blog tours, I happily jumped on board. 

The concept of a blog tour is to is to find blogs that share a similar audience and create an online “tour” by providing content for multiple blogs to draw attention to your book and expand your audience. When you hit a wide range of blogs that have active and dedicated audiences, you can cover a lot of ground. 

To be perfectly honest with you, as the ease and affordability of a blog tour lost its shine, I developed mixed feelings about blog tours. For one, they are rather time consuming. It’s not something that you toss together at the last minute. You can hire PR firms to coordinate a blog tour for you, but it will cost you. And while I’ve seen some successful blog tours, unfortunately I’ve also seen quite a few quite a few flops. 

Done right, blog tours can be a great way to expand your audience, give you much needed publicity for your new book, and help you gain credibility

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