How to create your own audiobooks to profit from the audiobook explosion via @jfbookman

Hi Sylvia,

Audiobooks are IN!

Sales for audiobooks are growing far faster than what’s happening in either print or ebooks.

With the recent, staggering growth in the audiobook industry, authors are realizing that getting their books launched into audio is one of the keys to their overall success.

Many indie authors consider narrating their own books, but aren’t really sure where to begin or what to expect.

  • They want to understand the process and potential challenges.
  • They would like to know how to calculate potential income, as well as what expenses may be involved.
  • They have questions about how to handle dialogue or dialects, charts and images.
  • They wonder how long it will take.
  • They fear the hurdles of setting up a home studio.
  • Most of all, they don’t want to take time away from writing to figure it all out.

That’s why we teamed up with author and audiobook expert Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices to create a training that would guide authors who want to record their own audiobooks.

An audiobook expert who began narrating audiobooks in 1981, Becky created a clear and concise guide, then added a variety of tools to make each step as easy as possible.

The result? Our brand new Audiobook Toolkit for Authors, written specifically for indie authors and covering everything from preparing your audio manuscript to marketing your finished audiobook to releasing your inner celebrity.

If you want to add a completely new revenue stream, created from the work you’ve already done, check out this concise and practical guide to audiobook production today.

To celebrate the launch of this new product, we have it on sale at $50 off until Monday.

Check it out here:

Audiobook Toolkit for Authors Launch Sale



P.S. Did you miss Becky’s information-packed webinar? Catch the replay here: "The Indie Author’s Guide to Successfully Recording Your Own Audiobook."

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