COMING APRIL 8 @ PNR: “On Black Revolutionaries (and Yusef Shakur)”

Push Nevahda Review

Mid-Town Detroit Starbucks, ‎Friday, ‎January ‎27, ‎2017 Yusef Bunchy Shakur

…..I found Shakur seated in the crowded Midtown Starbucks located at the busy intersection of Woodward and Mack (just across the way from Whole Foods Market). He looked placid but seemed resolved, ready to talk and share his thoughts on whatever questions I might ask. Shakur has a supercilious countenance, indistinguishable of any definitive sensibility, which could be quite disarming, perhaps, for someone who isn’t used to his company (but would certainly be impressed by his aplomb). As I continued setting up my microphone, pen and paper, arranged my coffee, shifted the cream and sugar packets, Yusef patiently waited, rubbed his hand across his gray-blotched beard, gazed out the window at people passing up and down the cold, obstreperous Woodward avenue, some darting in and out of Starbucks for coffee, hot cocoa, pastries, or temporary shelter from the unrelenting cold. Shakur wore a snugly fitted, beige-colored skull cap…

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