#MotownWriters: Writers Have a Cornucopia of Conferences to Choose From

When DBW tried to boost attendance at its now-defunct conference by adding an indie author track, I noted that there were cheaper and better conferences where authors could learn more about the business of writing.

A couple of those better options just crossed my desk.

Writers Have a Cornucopia of Conferences to Choose From Conferences & Trade shows

The Virginia Writers Club is holding its annual symposium on 5 August. Navigating Your Writing Life will be held in Charlottesville, VA, and will feature a keynote address by Jane Friedman.

This year’s theme is Taking the Next Step in Your Writing Journey, and will feature workshops and panels on a variety of topics to help you move forward with your writing goals.

The symposium runs one day, and costs $90 to attend. (Many attendees will probably spend more on travel expenses.)

In comparison, the much better-known Writer’s Digest conference runs for three days in August and costs $469. I thought that was a good value when I attended last year, even with the travel expenses.

And then there’s the BookBaby Independent Authors Conference, which lasts for 3 days in Philadelphia in November. I just learned about BookBaby’s conference and cannot comment, but I do like the $99 price tag.

Read more: https://the-digital-reader.com/2017/06/13/writers-cornucopia-conferences-choose/

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