#MotownWriters Author Feature: Laura Antonelli @AntonelliAuthor #Michlit #MotownLit

Laura Antonelli

Laura Antonelli, originally from Algonac, Michigan is an author, mother and a survivor. Excelling in writing at an early age, even though Laura lives with Bi-Polar Disorder which has been a personal struggle since the age of 14. Having endured medical dilemmas requiring five major surgeries in 7 years (during which time she wrote her first book), she still managed to raise her daughter and obtain a college degree. Life has given Laura an untold wealth of unusual experiences upon which she draws in her writing.


About the book: 

 The mind processes the highs and the lows of life that pass through our conscious and our unconscious thoughts. 

That process becomes a balancing game canceling out the extreme highs with extreme lows or sometimes by throwing us into a state of denial. When that happens we simply retreat from our reality or make one up. 

Faith was on a high. 
One of the highest- All consuming love. 
She had a vision of how life would be. 
It didn’t happen. 

The Mind in its infinite wisdom will always protect itself first. Faith McKinney and those who dwell within her mind go on a murderous rampage and intrigue in this Erotic-Psychological Thriller trilogy.

Upcoming Authors Appearances:

 Blue Water Author Event J
 800 Harker Port Huron, Michigan 48060
 Blue Water Convention Center
Connect With The Author:
Facebook: Laura Antonelli
Linkedin: antonellilaura



Fatih (Book 1)


Patience Delivered (Book 2)



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