Authors: Should You Set Up Your Own Business? An Attorney Answers

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Hi Sylvia,

You’re an author. But should you also be a business?

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “Hey, I’m a writer, why should I set up a business?”

I’m here to tell you that setting up a business is a good idea, and that’s exactly what I did when I first became a self-publisher back in the 1980s.

There are many advantages to adopting good business practices, especially if you are self-publishing.

  • You’ll have more time for writing—You’ll save yourself hours of frustration digging through piles of stuff trying to find information.
  • You’ll be ready for success—As your sales increase, you will be prepared to measure and manage that growth.
  • You’ll avoid losses—If you have a better handle on cash flow, you’ll know when your expenses are getting too far ahead of your income.
  • You’ll know what works—If you have a method of tracking sales, you’ll know which marketing efforts paid off and which were a bust.
  • You’ll avoid mistakes—Like forgetting to collect and pay sales tax or to deliver 1099s to freelancers.
  • You’ll save on taxes—And who doesn’t want to pay less in taxes?
  • You’ll feel more legit—If you don’t treat your writing as a legitimate business, then no one else will, particularly the IRS.
  • Your heirs will thank you—If you are hit by the proverbial bus, your heirs will appreciate your organization.

But if you’ve never been in business before, the steps you need to take can be very confusing. That’s why we teamed up with self-published author and attorney Helen Sedwick to create Publishing Business in a Box, a guide with detailed, step-by-step instructions on the best practices for setting up your self-publishing company.

For instance, in this groundbreaking product, Helen will guide you through:

  • The steps needed to enter the business of self-publishing,
  • How to develop a realistic budget, a business plan, and your tax options,
  • Learning to work with vendors, editors and freelancers,
  • Purchasing your own ISBNs,
  • Setting up bank, PayPal and other business accounts,
  • Accepting credit cards, and
  • Keeping track of income and expenses.

If you’re serious about making a career out of publishing, you’ll definitely want to check out Publishing Business in a Box right now, while we’re offering a $50 discount for the next 5 days, dropping the price from $147 to only $97.

Compare that to even 1 appointment with a lawyer, in which you would never have the time to cover all the topics in this guide.

So don’t miss this great opportunity to get yourself setup properly. Please do yourself a favor and check out Publishing Business in a Box today.


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P.S. Note that the information presented in Publishing Business in a Box is relevant only for authors operating in the United States. However, it is the best deal on practical legal advice for authors that I’ve ever seen.

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