Founder’s Note: She is not alone. I nearly died when my beau bent a page. As if he were killing a small child. loved this article. Please enjoy!

My partner and I have been together, more or less, for fourteen years. In that time, I have learned all sorts of odd things about him– some of which are charming, some of which are kind of gross (because ew, boys), and some of which are probably pretty normal. However, only one of his weird idiosyncrasies stresses me the eff out: the man doesn’t use bookmarks. Ever.

I don’t mean that he avoids fancy, expensive magnetic bookmarks or tries to avoid free advertising for the local indie bookstore by refusing their giveaway bookmarks at the register. I don’t even mean that he refuses to dog ear his pages or won’t soil a book by using a discarded receipt or business card in his novel. I mean exactly what I say: the man doesn’t use anything as a bookmark. Ever.

His logic is kind of sound, I guess.

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