Michigan Authors: Sign up for #MotownWriters Blogging Challenge for September 2017 #amblogging

We all need help in blogging. I’m an avid blogger. I love to blog, but I sometimes need that inspiration and encouragement from others.

So I want to bring first a 4-week blogging challenge starting September 1st.

Just 4 times a month you can go to your blog and post out a message, answer the question, meet the challenge.

4 times

That’s it.

So even if you don’t blog, it’ll be good to just try.

Now usually in a blogging challenge, you have to wait for that week in order to get what the challenge is, but I’m like I’m going to help you in advance and as the challenges are release come back and post your link so others can come visit and see what you did.


1. Use the blogging challenge as the status line and then put. This will have the hashtag that will help us find it.

(We’ll do checks at the end of every week on a Sunday and post them out before the next challenge comes up on a Monday.)

2. Come back to the Monday post where the status line is and post out your link to your blog.

3. Check out my Instagram during the week that will have one-minute videos and I might even go live on blogging over there so subscribe so you won’t miss anything.

4. We’d like you to be a Michigan Author, but if you aren’t that’s fine. We’ll still accept you into our fold.

I don’t want to bog you down. This is just the initial test and I want to give you time to set up your blog to the way you want.

What you do you win?

1. The simple fact you stuck to something that you thought you’d never do should be enough to make you feel like you’ve won.

2. A chance to improve your blog. The top three bloggers who do the challenge will be able to progress to the next level for free. In November we will clean up our blog, work on the design and learn how to manage our own blogs.

Week One: September 4th (pick a topic)

  • The five problems I have with social media #motownwriters
  • The first thing I remember writing #motownwriters

Week Two: September 11th (pick a topic)

  • The worst story line you’ve ever read. #motownwriters
  • Why I write my genre #motownwriters

Week Three: September 18th (pick a topic)

  • What my book isn’t about #motownwriters
  • Best book that taught me how to write #motownwriters

Week Four: September 25th (pick a topic)

  • My advice to another writer #motownwriters
  • What my office/writing room looks like #motownwriters


Well, comment below with your blog link so we can all visit!

I can’t wait for September to come!

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18 thoughts on “Michigan Authors: Sign up for #MotownWriters Blogging Challenge for September 2017 #amblogging

  1. I am up for the challenge!

    My blog address is : http://irmagivens.blogspot.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • glad to have you Irma and thanks for being the brave first.

      On your blog talk announce you’ll be doing #MotownWriters #BloggingChallenge (don’t forget to use the hashtags! Let me know by tagging me on twitter @sylviahubbard1 so I can share the post!


  2. Welcome to the blog challenge. In a short while, I’ll make a video. If you haven’t subscribed to the comments do so now by just letting us know you’re in and your blog site.


  3. insanehousewife1

    I’m in! This sounds like fun!


  4. Great. Now if you haven’t seen the initial video i’ll post it soon
    but I implore you to check out this book. It’s only .99cent on Kindle


  5. http://wp.me/p8Zp8-fbS And I’m off! I just completed my blogging first blogging challenge week, Anyone else posting their link?


  6. I learned of this at this morning’s MWN meeting so I’m starting a little late but count me in:



  7. I joined yesterday but made a mistake in my web address. Trying again. Sent my first blog this morning. Joann Castle


  8. Keep me going, MWN!


  9. I am in. You can see my Blog at http://www.29000sunsets.com, I will do the first week tonight! (Or worst case, tomorrow)


  10. Challenge accepted!

    (apologies for any errors; I’m just learning wordpress)


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