#motownwriters: How Can Authors Help Authors With Book Publicity?

Authors seeking to promote their book, increase sales, and market their brand need all of the help they can get.  One of the first places authors should look for assistance is from other authors.  That’s right, authors should go to their competitors and expect to get help!
Why might you ask, would a writer help another writer?  Because they are really collaborators rather than competitors.  Friends not foes.  Authors can help others for free because they can get something in return.  They can also help them as part of the brotherhood and sisterhood of a very special and unique family.
All writers, at one time or another, were helped by other writers.  Pay it forward – help someone now and give back to those who helped you earlier in your career.  In return, the one you help now may end up helping the next generation.
So what can an author do for another?  Plenty.  Here are 12 ways authors can work together:
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