Before You Hit The “Publish” Button: An Indie Author’s Checklist


Most indie authors grapple with the all-consuming issue of how to stand out from the crowd by creating memorable content and sufficient “buzz” for their self-published novels. Of one million books published a year, some 700,000 are self-published. Very few indie authors reach sales in the thousands, and fewer still break even after costs for giveaways and promotions and advertising are taken into account. A recent article by author Nicole Dieker  (on the website of publishing industry expert, Jane Friedman) attested to just how disheartening statistics for self-published authors can be.

Hitting The “Publish” Button Too Soon

Some indie authors simply hit the publish button too soon. Often, that’s obvious on the very first page of the novel, or the typos, grammatical errors, formatting mistakes and plot holes begin to pile up as you plow through the pages.  Others have great concepts/themes or plots, beautifully written , but don’t know how to reach readers.

Checklist for Success


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