#MotownWriters: 5 Ways To Market A Memoir When No-One Knows Who You Are @TheCreativePenn

5 Ways To Market A Memoir When No-One Knows Who You Are

As writers, we often feel like we are howling into the wind, throwing our words out into the world with no one listening. 

But there are ways that you can attract an audience even if you’re just starting out. In today’s article, journalist and memoir author Andrew Emery shares his tips.

The chances are, you’ve never heard of me. In fact, not many people have. Okay, I had a book out a decade ago, I’ve written for plenty of magazines and newspapers, but I’m barely a household name in my own house. And yet I’ve just released my memoir.

How does that work?

Memoirs by the unknown have been a publishing phenomenon for long enough now to be an established sub-genre. Perhaps Frank McCourt kicked things off with his bestseller Angela’s Ashes, which propelled him to fame and riches in 1996.

Now the bookshelves, both real and virtual, groan with (mostly) fascinating stories about people’s unseen lives. There’s a glut, so how does an author, especially an independent author, stand out from the pack?

read more: https://www.thecreativepenn.com/2017/09/28/5-ways-market-a-memoir/

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    Ever thought about writing a memoir? Check out this great post on the Motown Writers Network on the marketing process.


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