#MotownWriters: 199+ Plot, Name, Story, and Other Generators

As any author can tell you, coming up with names and ideas for a story is sometimes more difficult than writing said story. The process of inventing names is a critical first step akin to looking at a blank sheet of paper and trying to find that first word.

I’ve developed on my own method for coming up with names (it’s a variation of the porn star name game) and I have shared a handful of tricks for naming websites.

But those methods won’t work for everyone, and they won’t help you with problems like thinking up the plot for your next novel.

Fortunately, I can help.

One of my ongoing projects are turnkey websites for small publishers (here’s one). I’ve gotten pretty good at thinking up names for the companies, but I still struggle to write original and good quality content for things like the about page, book listings, staff names and descriptions, and so on.

I have not invented as many names and descriptions as your average George RR Martin novel, but I have had to come up with enough names that I went out and found ways to automate the process.

Here are a few of the plot, name, summary, and other text generators websites that I have found useful.

read more” https://the-digital-reader.com/2017/10/22/199-plot-name-story-generators/

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