#MotownWriters February Romance Author Feature: Breathless @BreathlessInDet #MichLit

Book: Sentenced to Love: Without Parole
Genre: Romance
Sub-genre: Suspense
Author: Breathless
Website: www.bit.ly/BreathlessBooks
Amazon Link: www.amazon.com/author/breathless

Is this book available in Paperback & eBook? Yes

What is your book about? 
Sentenced to Love is story of Marie and MK, two strangers who met on social media and fell in love after
a brief internet relationship. Marie is cautious from past heartbreak, confused about expressing her
emotions to MK and struggles with releasing her inhibitions in hopes her emotional detachment doesn’t
run him away. MK doesn’t trust women because he feels that they all have motives and are selfish, but
his insecurities aren’t enough to stop him from falling in love with the difficult girl he met on social
media. The story trails them on their journey of learning to let go of past baggage and becoming
vulnerable to each other after encountering the foreign concept of unconditional love.

You can’t just play with people’s feelings. If you tell them you love them you have to mean it. I’ve shared
one too many heartbreaks in the past, but this one was it for me. I spent years dating, having flings,
attempting dead relationships and ultimately giving up on relationships only to turn around and try it all
over again. But then I met MK… everything I thought I knew and felt in the past went out the window.
He felt so much deeper and different.
Behind every bitter, jealous, angry, untrusting and abusive person's actions, lie a story on how they got
to that point. It's always a result of experiencing too many disappointments or negative outcomes.
The hardest part is finding your way back out. Forgiving yourself, forgiving others, moving on, letting go
of old emotions and ideas while trying to hold a positive outlook, especially when some people are still
trying to keep you down.
Then attempting to allow someone new in a space that you once planned to keep unoccupied, to
protect your newfound peace… hoping you don't somehow run them away too or they don't end up
abusing your open door.
You cautiously wait… hoping for the best but just in case, you're still ready if you need to revert to your
old self. Your defense mechanism is to hurt someone before they hurt you, or show them you don't
care, but you do. Or just disappear…

But, nothing happens. It's the opposite of what you expected, intentions appear honest. Slowly, you
want to be more open. You can really begin to heal, mentally and emotionally in areas you never knew
were broken. But you need patience and understanding because it seems too good to be true… it's new,
uncomfortable, confusing and sometimes overwhelming when you try to analyze everything.
You put it all out there, feeling more vulnerable than ever before because you are trusting them with all
your secrets. They take your secrets and lock them away, making sure you never have to relive those
moments as they start to pick up all the pieces that everyone else thought they destroyed… loving each
piece back to life, recreating you into the one you were born to be… with them.

Bio of Author 
Breathless, The Storyteller, is the founder of Breathless In Detroit and producer of BID.TV. Best known for her quirky and diverse style fiction books, but she isn’t against switching her style up a bit for her
more traditional readers. Her passion for entertaining her readers doesn’t end with fiction writing, you can also find her collection of self- action and children’s books, writing scripts and her most important
role yet as mother and manager of her 6-year- old son.

Social Media Links: @breathlessindet (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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