How To Write A Story That Connects With Readers

Writing is a kind of telepathy. You write words on a page and at a different place and time, another human will read it and they will understand your mind at that moment. You aren’t there but they read your thoughts.

That’s how you can change people’s lives with your words. But only if you share your truth, your story and your heart. In today’s article, Alysia Seymour shares her tips for writing a story that connects with readers.

Most writing tips are focused on practical steps to take to outline your story, complete a draft, get proper edits and formatting done before sending it to be published.

These are amazing tips for those of us who are just starting out in writing and need some guidance.

But what if you want to know more about writing a fictional story that connects to readers? Or, how to inspire readers with your storytelling?

Before all the practical steps, you want to know how to emotionally connect to your readersthat leaves them feeling strong emotions throughout your story. That’s what keeps them reading.

If you haven’t yet read Story Genius by Lisa Cron then I suggest you get a copy. She explains beautifully how to tap into that emotional connection.[From Joanna: Lisa was on The Creative Penn podcast talking about Story Genius. You can listen here.]

To get started today with telling an emotionally moving or inspirational story, I’ve discovered through my own writing process that a few things are key, and I want to share them with you.

I wasn’t someone who was “called” to be a writer, but I discovered it out of my love for books and fictional stories. After I completed my first novel, I realized how healing writing was for me.

Which brings me to the first key step in writing an emotionally impactful story.

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