#MotownWriters Article: 5 Book Marketing Strategies for Spiritual Advisors and Authors

Author Marketing Experts, Inc. by Penny Sansevieri

The book marketing strategies I’m covering in this piece are predominantly geared toward spiritual advisors, in honor of Increase Your Psychic Powers Day on October 31, but there’s a lot in here for any author looking to compete in numerous spirituality categories on Amazon, and multiple self-help sub-genres, so keep an open mind about what you can take away from my tips below!

And if you’re in any of these fields and feel like you’re in a book promotion rut, please consider contacting me so we can chat about your goals and what a collaboration could potentially do for you.

These Book Marketing Strategies Work for Other Genres

I’ve worked with a number of spiritual advisors turned authors over the years, and whether you resonate as a Psychic, Intuitive, Empath, Channel or Medium…you all have different experiences and unique perspectives to share with the world.

And my approach to aligning the right book marketing strategies for spiritual advisors is very similar to what I consider for a wide variety of self-help authors on a broader scale – because believe it or not, while your brand should be very unique, the way you’ll connect with, and find, readers is often very similar.

Why is this? Because buyer psychology is very consistent across multiple genres, so the book marketing strategies are often consistent as well, with special tweaks for the right angles to use with media, considerations for the time of year you’re marketing your book, and how your brand is set up to support you long term.

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