An Evening with Keith GaveFriday, March 8 @ 7 PM  

An Evening with Keith Gave
Friday, March 8 @ 7 PM  
Keith Gave will never forget the moment when he glanced over his shoulder to see a man staring at him. Based on his experience as a former NSA linguist, Gave guessed the man was a KGB agent hired to guard the two world-class Russian hockey players he was interviewing.Or at least pretending to interview. At the time, Keith was working as a Detroit Free Pressreporter. He’d flown to Finland to lure the two hockey players from their Russian team to the Detroit Red Wings. Keith had secretly handed to them a letter he’d written (in Russian) inviting them to play for the Detroit Red Wings. Fortunately, the KGB agent didn’t have a clue.

So begins the story of how the Red Wings was finally transformed into a hockey empire after 42 years of failing to win the Stanley Cup. Gave later wrote the book, The Russian Five, which captures the magical decades. But it’s also a nuanced tale. Players had mixed feelings about leaving Russia, and it wasn’t always an easy skate with whisper campaigns and player resentments. An intriguing read, even if you’re not a hockey fan.

Evening includes a stage conversation / Q&A with author and a
post-event book signing.



Traverse City Opera House
Doors open at 6PM
Live Music, Cash Bar, and Morsels Sweet Treats

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