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author Queashar L. Halliburton

Queashar L. Halliburton

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Bio of the speaker:

While many neglect to follow their dreams due to setbacks like procrastination, fear and a lack of resources, she uses those very things as stepping stones to her success. For Queashar L. Halliburton, CEO and founder of Queashar Detroit Publishing, LLC, her greatest success to date has come from living outside the box and operating in her God-given gifts and purpose—and she encourages others to do the same. In addition to producing her fair share of personal literary works, she works diligently to provide tools, resources, and motivation for new authors nationwide—positioning them to tell their stories in excellence and excel in the marketplace.

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About book:

Skyrocket Your Success will help professional women identify and acknowledge self-sabotaging behaviors standing in the way of achieving optimal success. This book provides 10 tips to increase your success factor and start living your best life today!
You will learn:
How to unapologetically create your own personal definition of success

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Buy Author’s Book

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