Six Things Writers Need To Stop Worrying About

Some things don’t change.

When I got my start in this biz, way back in 2002, writers had to get a lit agent to get a publisher, then they did what their publisher told them to do.

That way of doing things was terrible for lots of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Agents missing good books.
  • Publishers missing good books.
  • Publishers owning rights forever.
  • Publishers screwing up promotion.
  • Sales numbers following you.
  • Having no control during the submission process.
  • Having no control during the publishing process.
  • Having no control after the book comes out.
The “having no control” parts actually apply to all of the above. Though writers can set goals such as “I’ll query three agents by July 20th” actually getting an agent is out of our control.
I’ve blogged at length about the differences between goals and dreams, but TLDR: goals are within your control, dreams are what you want but beyond your control.
While self-pubbing has allowed writers unprecedented control over how we publish and promote, there are still four things beyond our control that writers seems to get stuck on.
Here are six things writers need to stop worrying about.
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