Wow! Is it September already? Pamela Hilliard Owens: YB2C and Detroit Ink Publishing @DIPLLC #motownwriters

Wow! It’s September already?!?

It’s September already?!? Well, yes it is. It’s also the 3rd month of the 3rd calendar quarter of the year.

What it is not is the “end” of the summer. Although Labor Day in the U.S. is considered the “unofficial end of summer,” we still have almost three weeks of “official summer” to enjoy!

This week’s newsletter is very short, just a couple of quick announcements. But watch this space, the YB2C Companies are busy as usual with great products, services, and programs to assist you with achieving your goals.

Follow Me on Medium!

As I briefly mentioned in a previous newsletter, I am moving the majority of my content writing to Medium. Because I have websites/blogs for the two main companies, AND the podcast, AND the branding/marketing training course, AND I’m active on all of my social media accounts, my blog posts and articles were in several different places.

By moving just about everything to Medium, my readers can now read all of my writing in one place. Medium has over 60 MILLION readers per month; a much larger following than all of my blogs and social media outlets put together!

Medium is free, offering the reading of up to three articles a month to all members. As an additional benefit to its members, Medium has a paid membership that allows members to read an unlimited number of articles each month on all kinds of interesting topics. The Medium paid membership plan is a very affordable $5/month or $50/year. From the membership fees, Medium pays its writers for most of their articles.

So if you enjoy my blog posts and articles, please follow me on Medium to receive notifications when I have posted stories there. Much appreciated!

If you would like to have a paid Medium membership, you can join the community here.

I look forward to seeing YOU on Medium!



It Takes Ten Years to Become an Overnight Success!

We just celebrated eleven years in business last July, and now we’re celebrating eleven months since the publishing of my book that details the year-by-year story of my first ten years as a freelance business owner!

Here is the information from the back cover:

In the middle of 2008, a determined woman who is a former teacher, a former college professor, and a former sales manager decides to start a business so she will no longer have to work for others. It was also the middle of the Great Recession, but she wasn’t thinking about that. She was really just thinking about opening the next month. Relying on her writing and editing skills, and her sales experience, she opens her doors on July 7, 2008. One year passes, and then another and another. As a freelance business owner, she experiences the highs and lows that all business owners go through. But one day, she looks around, and it has been TEN YEARS since she started and she’s a success, with three separate but related businesses and a podcast! Success just didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

The book is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. An audio edition will be added soon. If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, it’s available here.

Thanks for your support!


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That’s it for this week’s
“YB2C on Wednesday!”
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