Book Trends for 2020 & beyond – The changes to come, my take on what’s to come and how to prepare. #bookmarket #mondayblogs

The look for 2020 and beyond publishing trends seems overwhelming, but this was my take on each point. This article 7 ways book publishing will change over the next few years was mind boggling, but these are my interpretations.

1. Sales will continue to move online – get your e-commerce and book distributor links together on your website.

2. There will be more big book retailers – make sure you make it as easy as possible for readers to locate your books there and send out reminders occasionally.

3. There are still two markets – cheap eBooks and commercial markets. But as indie authors you have opportunities to pick a side. Look at the analytics on your books and price them well.

4. Publishers will progressively shed overheads – Traditional or Indie, look to doing more marketing and sending out books next year.

5. Big publishers will see an ever-growing share of their own sales from their back-list. Pay attention to your back-list catalog and keep promoting them. New titles will be harder to sale, but for the back-list you can convert interest and awareness into sales.

6. Amazon Publishing will continue to make grow. Meaning you’re in competition with the main source you publish through. Start thinking locally, offline and even driving more exclusive sales on your website.

7. Entity self publishing will increase dramatically. This means even Netflix can come out with books now, which their thinking about. Competition is abound and we as authors have to get on the ball to write, publish and market and then repeat this process over and over again.

Even after all this takes place, there will be more changes coming, so hold on and prepare for the ride. Get a plan together to rock 2020.


What trends do you see coming? What are you or aren’t prepared for? 

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