New message from your #NaNoWriMo USA :: Michigan :: Detroit Municipal Liaison, rainechan

New message from your #NaNoWriMo USA :: Michigan :: Detroit Municipal Liaison, rainechan

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New message from your USA :: Michigan :: Detroit Municipal Liaison, rainechan

Week One is in the books, NaNoWriMotown!

How is your word count coming along? Are you ambitiously ahead of the game? Are you steadily putting in your 1,667 words every day? Or are you woefully behind (like me)? If you are ahead or keeping steady, congrats! Keep it up! If you are behind, fear not! There is still time! Even if you are currently staring at a blank page with a zero word count, it is still possible to win this!


Join us at our big events! Our next big event is Motown Midway Madness on November 16th in Troy. The Michigan :: Elsewhere region is hosting a 1 ½ hour train write-in in Blissfield the day after Midway. Check it out here. Can’t make it to the big events? Attend a write-in! Write-ins are smaller, local gatherings. Did you know that attending the big events and/or write-ins is proven to get your word count up? They definitely made a difference for me. Find the Master Post of all our our big events and write-ins here, then come and join us!

How is your team doing in the Team Championship? Find out here! Not a part of the Championship? It’s never too late to take the highly scientific quiz and see if you get placed with the winning Submersibles team! (Or… y’know… those other teams…)

An announcement from Headquarters: Tomorrow, November 9th, is Double Up Donation Day! 24 hours to double up your daily word count, your writerly encouragement, and your commitment to NaNoWriMo. There will be hourly writing prompts on Twitter, Virtual Write-Ins, and all-day updates on Instagram. And for the first time, in addition to doubling up the $25 donor gifts, they’re also doubling up on the $50 donor gifts! You can learn more about Double Up Donation Day here.

Finally, (whew! What a long message!) don’t forget to back up your novel!

See you in Week Two!

Raine (rainechan)
ML, Detroit Region

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